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IG: @domme_natrix

The Humblr 

Digital painting/collage



"Humbler: A humbler is a type of physical restraint device used in the BDSM practice of CBT. It restricts the movement of a male by cuffing his testicles around the base of his scrotum. The humbler consists of a testicle cuff which is mounted at the midpoint of a bar which sits at the base of the buttocks, behind the man’s thighs.


The device gets its name because the wearer must stay in a crouched or "humble" position while wearing it to remain comfortable."


Horsey Mike

Physical painting/digital collage 



"I miss men like Mike. Masked and bridled. with little rubber feet. No ability to speak. and you certainly can't see. So I can just do my work in peace. Men like Mike. Who can't whistle can't leer can't make a peep. I miss men like Mike."

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