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"I feel that the connection we share as a band brings out a very deep and personal essence to the music we create."


Our favorite feminine force. 

I want to know a little more about you. Who are you guys? 


Formed in the Spring of 2019, Faetooth is a four piece Doom-Gaze and Sludge band based in Los Angeles composed of Razz (guitar), Jenna (bass), Ari (guitar), and Sarah (drums). 


Where are you from? 


We are all born & raised in Los Angeles. 


You guys generate amazing, amazing feminine energy. Does your power come from some kind of catalyst? Is it raw energy? 


Jenna - Thank you! I think it’s just a natural occurrence of the dark tones and emotion put into the music. The songs can be fictional or personal, or even a mix of both. For me personally, when writing a song, the music will inform me what it will be about down the line-usually after toying with it with the band. The ability for stand-alone music to do that is really powerful in my opinion.


Ari - Thank you so much ~ Whilst collaborating together over quarantine I began focusing on personal experiences more than ever. I always added imaginative ideas to my lyrics/riffs working alongside non-fiction. I grew incredibly unmotivated for the first few months (March-June). I worked on channeling deeper into my emotions through my lyrics. Performances and writing sessions are always cathartic and therapeutic. Our new songs reflect a more darker side of our minds. 


Razz - That’s the biggest compliment. I feel that the connection we share as a band brings out a very deep and personal essence to the music we create. What makes each of us unique (musical influences, styles, etc) compliments the whole, and when we come together it is a very palpable energy to experience. Our fictional, fairytale-inspired lyrical themes give me a sort of freedom to explore my personal experiences and emotions, too, and this drives me to write very much.


What emotional state do you have to be in to perform? 


Ari - I deal with anxiety, but going on stage oddly makes me feel mellow. I remain pretty 

calm and the experience is very meditative.


Razz - I perform best when I feel grounded in the moment of the show. It might seem counterintuitive, but looking inward and going back to the origin story of each song help best when performing outwardly… I think my vocal performance is best when I can dip into the feelings I associate with the people or experiences or ideas I’ve written about. Or at the very least, they feel most authentic.


Sarah- I’m usually a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Oddly, the nerves kind of put me in this intense focus mode when I'm setting up my drums. As soon as I start playing with these lovely ladies, all of the anxiety goes away and I’m deeply submerged into our music and just put my everything into it.



Favorite live show? 


Ari - One of my favorites was Juicefest this past February. It was our second to last show that we played before the mandated quarantine began. It was such a beautiful evening, the atmosphere of the venue was great and so was the crowd. It was our first really great mosh-pit. It made me so excited to play more shows in the future (whenever deemed safe from COVID).


Jenna - We’ve only been able to play a handful of live shows before quarantine, but our last show at Honeymoon Galleria was pretty memorable.


Razz - Sleezehog always puts on the best shows, we played for them last January on an all femme/gender-non-conforming lineup which had amazing energy. Every band played beautifully and was so supportive of one another. I felt very part of a powerful and creative community.


Sarah- I have to agree with Razz. I felt a strong sense of community with everyone who played the sleezehog show. That was only our second show and performing with Faetooth still felt pretty new and raw. 


Is there any unreleased material? 


Definitely! We are working on a track list for an LP. 


Talk more about your EP “...An Invocation”! 


Ari- “...An Invocation” is our debut EP released in January 2020. We recorded it in about 3-4 weeks produced by our good friend, Emilio Zoen. It was a wonderful experience learning how to record professionally and exploring our ability with working together. 


Jenna- The songs on the EP were all we had in that moment, so we thought it’d be best to put it in the world while we could. I personally believe the EP captures us as a brand new band trying to find our raw sound.


Razz - The EP is definitely a very raw representation of us in one of our earliest stages as a band, yet still emulates our essence as a group very well. For this, I’m very proud that we were able to capture something so lasting. I feel very connected to the songs on “...An Invocation”, they are deeply associated with that time, pre-quarantine, that I remember so fondly.


To me, you guys emit dark spirituality filled with intensity. Can you expand on any musicians that truly inform your music? 


Ari - Kittie, Acid King, Planning for Burial and Chelsea Wolfe are huge inspirations to my writing for this project. 


Jenna - Oathbreaker, Deftones, and Ragana are my top three for the material we’re currently working on. I also get a lot of inspiration from screamo and emo music when it comes to songwriting.


Razz - For this project, I’ve been very influenced by True Widow, Chelsea Wolfe, Citizen, and William Basinski in particular. Basinski’s soundscapes shape a lot of the ambience I add to the project. CocoRosie, Alex G, The Voidz, and Elliot Smith have inspired me the most lyrically.


Sarah- For this style of drumming I’m really inspired by Blackwater Holylight, Stonefield, Black Sabbath, and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.



You guys consider yourselves “fairy doom”. Which is a really rad and perfect way to describe Faetooth’s effect. What genre do you truly embody? 


Ari - We have experimented with different genre titles in the past. It’s quite hard to put a finger on it with our array of new songs. Typically I would say our umbrella genre is Doom or Metal; Sub-genre wise.. Doom-Gaze, Doom-Punk, Sludge and Experimental/Noise.


Jenna - I believe we try to take our own spin on the “doom” genre without the more calculated riffs or traditional structures. We draw from so much other music personally, so we create our own style.


Razz - I’ve really enjoyed our exploration of different sub-genres throughout our journey. I think “fairy doom” is the best way to describe our mix of surrealist and whimsical lyrics paired with the dark, droning music that we come up with.