Tiffany Hudgins is a Los Angeles born poet and creative who uses her love for artistic expression to navigate through the world’s shared emotions and experiences. With poetry being her favorite medium, she writes to form relatability and connection with life around her. 

“Original Real” 


Dripped in diamonds. 

Lives in diamonds. 

Lived-in diamonds 

Are used, 

Even in her dreams 

Diamonds aren’t as hard 

As her heart is 

On Sunday mornings. 

Her is heart is 


An almost duplicate 

Of her high brand knock off 

Fake leather, I’m sorry… 

Faux suede boots. 

Faux fur that plays more like 

Fleece blankets 

Hang from her broad shoulders, 

There is confidence in that 

Discount store fashion

And she will be your 

Discount store fashion show. 

Strutting in faux suede on her feet

And faux diamonds on her fingers 

And faux fur on her back. 

She is warm and safe, 

Even in the falsehood of familiarity. 

She is protected and sane, 

Even as she’s labeled crazy 

For living in 

Pretend glitter. 

All her tears can afford is 

A copy, 

But all she bleeds is 

Original real.