"Rod Sterling presents a Virus zone"

3:33 mins

This piece is focus on time in the quarantine, how we are experiencing being present and going outside where life feels strange.

Super 8 & Found footage

"The Idea of Birds"

2 mins

This piece is about the conspiracy around birds not being real, and birds revoluting against humans 

Found footage.

Instagram: @fuckinlame


Faetooth is a Los Angeles Experimental-Doom and Sludge band. Formed in the Spring of 2019, the band is composed of Razz - Guitar, Ari - Guitar, Jenna - Bass and Sarah - Drums. Their songs are made for those who love demon hunting, fairies and lots of fuzz.

Instagram: @faetooth

Photos by: Jon del Real (IG:@jondelreal)



Just a man who creates videos and music to keep the demons inside at bay..


Medium: Video/Visual Arts


Instagram: @daniel.james.halaby 


Liminal Box

Visuals for the track “Learning Style” off the album  “Frequently Asked Questions”. 


Liminal Box is the “cottagenoise” project of Sarah Schoenberger/@loreleyunterchristus, and encompasses her interdisciplinary work, identifiable through her mixed media motifs, fashion, manic cottagecore tendencies, and humor/subcultural commentary.

Name / Project Title: Laudanum Quilt


 Laudanum Quilt is a ritual noise project out of the middle western united states. Music meant to run through your brain like fishing line.


social media: IG; margot_plum

transmissions from a tower that never existed:only ever exists.
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Candle in hand, beneath her star she flees
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