"I like to work about the memory of violence or the violent’s memories. About all the stuff I have seen, I feel, and about what people have told me. It is mixed with my own experiences, religious, fantastic, etc... I like to use repetitions through the screen printing, to make an illusion like seeing a movie or something. I like to see my drawings like beats or music paper. I’m working on everything i find, everything’s good to drawing on, DIY"

Instagram: @milbrundimitri


Remi Star Nichols bases her art off of femininity, occult practices, and ethereal subject matter. She is inspired by the role of women in various religious practices and incorporates the female form into most of her art pieces. Like many artists these days her medium choice crosses a wide range from more traditional forms of art such as painting and sculpture, to film and installation. She is most influenced by her occult and Pagan background.




"In my art practice, I work with themes of life, death, memory, and transformation. Driven by my interest in stages of life, I ordered caterpillar larvae online, and drew them as they grew into butterflies in my studio."

Instagram: @hiuyifelix


Instagram: @softwerr


"My work revolves around a central idea of the things I don't like to talk about. My process for creating starts with writing and working through an overwhelming emotion, then I reflect and decide which medium whether it's painting, sculpture or photography works best."

Instagram: @daniarnold7



Multi-media post-digital collage and assemblage artist exploring themes of alchemy through ancient and future mediums. 

end of man.jpg

“In my work I aim to explore the gaps and connections between people inter-personally and physically, highlighting the strangeness and discomfort of distance and closeness. I also love exploring the formal qualities of objects and of people/memories, and often do so in a hyper-micro way, pushing the boundaries of color, form and ambiguity."

Instagram: @lizzamets


Schuyler Hazard is a painter, photographer and poet currently based in Los Angeles. Her painting practice is centered around abuse in the home, and the loss of innocence, and is informed by personal experience. The stuffed animal bunny is a motif throughout, a replication of one she had since birth, to stand as a double, distancing herself from the work and allowing room for the viewer. The works use a blanket as substrate and support and a range of non-traditional materials for mark-making. Each element is critical in conveying meaning to the overall narrative. In her poetry practice, the same themes are explored in a different medium - the emphasis being on loneliness and longing, rather than violence and neglect. She is currently working on a book, combining her poetry and drawings along with family photos to merge two parts of her overall artistic practice.

Instagram: @bakedzitti


Jack Williams work broadly studies sounds and the energies utilized, stored, and transferred in its emission and in the way ghosts become entangled in its harmonic webs. The drawings presented deal with architectural space, its acoustics, and the interplay of the two to determine both a context and a content to fill it.  Ranging from formal studies of numeric intervals, realized through the aid of architectural templates, to proposals for pianos pushed together to be sympathetically resonated; these drawings question how we rationalize absent spaces and how we imagine interacting within them.  

Instagram: @fried.banshee