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Le corps du triste


In this collection, Alec Malinofsky talks about the contradictory relation between the visible and invisible, religion and spirituality, body and spirit.

In a world were it is common to modifie pictures of reality, he proposes an altered vision of a human body transfigured by symbolism.

Angel Sanchez 

Is a multimedia artist based in San Antonio, Texas. She creates emotional collages out of vintage photographs and postcards. She also creates illustrations, paintings, photography, videography, sculptures,does liquid and analog visuals, and plays bass every now and again

Peter Kalisch

ARTIST STATEMENT (as of 2/18/19)


From my immediate observation, our culture engages in a type of decadence, one that implies the impending fall of Western civilization. My work attempts to point light to the condition we are living in, the postmodern condition which has resulted in a particular type of disconnection; from shared values, lived intimacy, from actual human connection, and primarily, from our physical bodies. My relationship to performance as a medium comes from the cathartic nature of reconnecting with my physical vulnerability after a lifetime of upbringing in a first-world capitalist environment. My work is often extremely critical of idealizations, both from past and present, as well as the nepotistic, hypocritical nature of high art institutions. In these institutions, I witness a desire to project a sort of philanthropic public image, without truly engaging in the work necessary to push culture forward. Using common cultural signifiers and art historical samples, I attempt to bring light to these double standards which I commonly witness when engaging in the art world. My work is an attempt at self-awareness and criticality, an encouragement to others to remove themselves from the pattern of self-victimization which is so apparent in our society. I promote authenticity, vulnerability, honestly and freedom, with an often political and philosophical edge


IG: @noisepup

Hollow of the

We can't change memory 

without art and

I hate the mind,

I love the heart.

IG: @pitch_a_fever


Amanda Bylone

Amanda Bylone is an oil painter who bases her art on provocative imagery and sinister undertones. She is most influenced by Catholic guilt and society's repression of internalized misogyny. 

Instagram: @brothbaby66


Lazy Gawd

Lazygawd is an illustrator rapper/producer and from Paris

His universe stand to mix Erotic contents: Dark fantasy, Onirism and Ethereal, Japanese culture, pop, a lot of Death Metal and Punk Hardcore imagery. 

Usually do Ink, Acrylic Paint, Oil and airbrushes (for Custom Fabrics)

He is working on LONGIVESALEM(LLS),a transmedia comic book. All the projects sharing the same multiverse, the same plot. LLS contents has different parts in it: 

The coming up Comic book:

- LLS Synopsis: A red moon appeared with no explanation or cause frightening people all around the world, and this anthology follow the stories of characters living the situation at different moments in history.

- Judith: Ultra Sword: music reffering to Dungeon Synth, hip hop, DARK/COLDWAVE, Trip hop. Rap as "Judith", producer as "Ant Sword".

- Goutcadavre: New Brand/Online Shop where are regularly updated Lazygawd's artwork (custom fabrics made with Airbrush, and silkscreen printed Tees/hoodie, etc.)



IG @Longlivesalem @goutcadavre

Twitter @Salem TheSupreme

Soundcloud: Judith Ultra Sword



Sienna Riley


Claire Killick

Claire Killick is a visual artist from Southern California, but currently based in Oakland, CA. Claire primarily works in the mediums of traditional and digital drawings and paintings, but occasionally does printmaking (linoleum cut, etching) and mixed media sculpture. She also self-publishes DIY zines. Her personal work focuses on themes of tragedy, fear, and defiance, and the uncensored expression of those concepts.

IG: @grungdung

KT Cavanaugh

KT Cavanaugh is an enthusiast of all things absurd, four-legged, and big-hearted. She traded swamps for mountains when she moved from studying English in Florida to working as a pet product business's Publication Manager in Colorado. 


Social Media:

Personal Instagram: K.Cav

Art Instagram: KCavCreates