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Sadie Frances Betz is an 18 year old poet and creative currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. Their poetry explores the complexity of trauma and the destructive habit of finding solace in your own pathosis. They write in a very intense and animalistic tone, aiming to capture the rawness of fear and true disturbance while still, simultaneously attempting to remain beautiful and enticing. Their work has been described as “a delicious piece of meat being fed to a dying angel.” 

IG: @sabiedoll

Closed Casket 


jesus wept as he carried me back up


my body gutted

all physicality disfigured 

my soft face 

intricate fingerprints - unrecognizable 

i never knew true ugliness until now 

mauled baby,

will have to find serenity and safety trapped behind the gates of the heavens 

though mercifully

divine beings cannot physically judge



nor recoil

all through god’s eyes is beauty 

pure beauty and grace

he will continue to hold me

even if now i am nothing more 

than a 

mutilated and molested

heap of churned insides 

skin and with the indescribable 

never ending fear of a lost animal 

forever looking for it’s mother’s warm embrace 

and fierce protection

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