"Just cruising’ around is about the overwhelming feeling of traffic in la. Influcened by the city, the video goes back in forth in speed and effects causing a what it feels like to be in stop and go traffic."

Instagram: @fuckinlame


"I am a young artist born in Belgium. my work mainly consists out of video art and painting. Themes that I use in my work are often concepts from art history and I bring this into a contemporary world.  Exceptionalism, the purpose of life, is a big question that keeps coming back. especially in the times we live in now.


I am grateful that my friend Jiselle asked the question to participate in the online zine; I sent two videos for her project."

Instagram: @antjebots


"Self-portrait", 2017

"a work that is about becoming an artist and all the doubts that come with it"


"Bastard", 2019

"a video where I walk around in a forest with a mask made from pig skin. it refers to ; that pigs are used to search for truffles. Those truffles are 'valuable' and we humans are also constantly looking for value and happiness. putting on the mask literally makes me the pig."


"Zuhause" is demonstrative footage in regards to how one operates the "Piatnik".  "Piatnik" is a mixed media piece that is "an exploration of organized clutter, sentimental aestheticism, and reference to the geocaching-esque packaging/trading of cassettes in experimental music scenes".


Liminal Box is the project of Sarah/@loreleyunterchristus, and encompasses her interdisciplinary work, identifiable through her manic cottagecore tendencies and humor/subcultural commentary.

Instagram: @loreleyunterchristus


"The feigning, shifting memory and multiplicity, 

The suffering flowers,

The room outside, inside and beneath me, 

like a physiological symphony,

 speaking an inarticulate language,


I seem to have forgotten the location of my body,


In the room of music, the double chambre, 

Of delicious obscurity."

Instagram: @hollow.of.the.hand


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"Fit of Sleep"

Fit Of Sleep Mix

Dream Interpretation Mix

Cutups -  patterns in sleep

“The way my practice has shifted due to current events has led me to reflect back on times where I had less responsibilities. Starting a new project with a vigor fueled by having nothing to lose. That is how I want to get back into making work.”

Instagram: @z4ck_b3ns0n