"My name is Ismael Bonilla Brenes, I was born in Cartago, Costa Rica in 2001. I have played violin since I was 5, and am still studying classical music. But I needed something that classical music and extreme punk was not giving me. I discovered noise music in August 2020, and I felt in love. It is a world full of possibilities that I had to explore. So I created Zambo. 

Zambo was created in September 2020. I do harsh noise, harsh noise wall and power electronics.

I really like my music to have a dark ambient, sometimes aggressive, sometimes meditative.  A "Zambo" is the son or daughter of an aborigenous person and a black person. So this name comes to my mind because these two poeples are in really bad social position here in my country. With my music, I represent that the world is not a good place, it is full of pain, suffering; and just some of us had luck to have a good life.

I have no money to buy the equipment and gear to make noise music as a pro, so use a cheap mic and a DAW. I record things (paper, water, my voice, rain, etc.) and then I add some pluggins, and voilá. 

The first album I did was Durmientes.It was harsh noise wall, but I made a fusion with harsh noise. I made that album just to experiment and get familiar to the music and its production. Also it helped me to know what the process and the things i could use to record my music. That Album is based on a political crime committed in Costa Rica, it is known as "El Crimen del Codo del Diablo ''. The government killed 6 men in a part of a train track called El Codo del Diablo, just because they were comunist. But only two songs were related to that: ECDD and Clavos. 

I try this last album to have a central theme: poverty. The name El Quinto Mundo (The Fifth World) is a reference to the first, second and third world. If the third world are non-developed countries, the fifth world would be those few (not so few) people who don't even have a house, who don't have something to eat, who need to live with bullets around them."

 " A "Zambo" is the son or daughter of an aborigenous person and a black person."