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Alexandre Gras

I.G.: @fish_inablender


"I am Alexandre Gras, I live in Paris and I (almost) never stopped drawing.

In 2011, I entered Maximilien Vox: applied arts highschool under the advice of Philippe Quartararo, my then plastic arts teacher in middleschool.
Vox helped me to develop my practice: before I sticked to drawing, but I began working on engraving and print, linocut thanks to one of my professors, Mme Jamois.
From here on, I dag the print-work and multiples: I signed in for engraving classes with Pierre Lancelin at the ateliers de la ville de Paris, where I learned push engraving and copper engraving.
I continued on my print and drawing production as I enter Prep'art, an art prep school for a year in 2015-2016: I slowly get and grow interest in edition, layout and collage.
In 2017 I entered the Beaux-Arts de Paris in James Rielly's studio. I dug even further into my collage/numerique collage/photomontage and fanzines edition (all put in form on Microsoft Paint) as well as painting and fresco. Slowly my drawing practice tend to fade out.
In 2019 I obtain my DNAP (1st degree after 3 years in the Beaux-Arts) after the presentation of  a self curated exhibition of my works revolving around my collage work, fanzine+internet related themes.
After that, following an intuition born from my collage experimentations, I get back to drawing and develope a technique of pixelated line drawn with my mouse on Microsoft Paint that I haven't let down since.
Between 2020 and 2021 I take a year off to study curatoring and régie in a new pathway at the Beaux-Arts called Artistes et métiers de l'exposition (artists and exhibition workmanship). I ended that year by an internship at Semiose gallery in Paris as deputy régisseur (all the backwork with the oeuvres: installation, hanging, stall, repairs, packing/unpacking of works, transports etc..)

I began my 5th and last year in the Beaux-Arts in 2021, still working on my Windows Paint drawings.

About my work:

In my drawings/drawing research,  I tend to over-simplification (almost extreme simplification) of the forms and lines, stylization of objects and movements, with a taste for antic and medieval representations.
I mostly work on Windows Paint, I draw with the mouse, I work at 800% zoom to assemble the pixels. I look for shades of grey and black to render some kind of atmospheric deepness to the drawings. But on the contrary sometimes I work the pure line (half pure, because made up of bits: shatering the line).
Supreme refs: Roy Andersson, Ralph McQuarrie, Syd Mead, William Blake, George Catlin, Gendy Tartakovsky, Pentagram, Jordi Savall."

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