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Maren Moreno

Instagram: @smallcherrylimeade

Maren Moreno is a hard femme dyke that makes no budget movies in Olympia, WA. Her work has been screened all over the world from the Portland Unknown Film Fest to the Final Girls Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. You may watch her rape revenge short film REVENGE ANGELS on youtube. Keep an eye on her socials for information on where you can see PLEASURE GARDEN as well as her short film PROTECTION SPELL: The Tale of the Curious Maiden and the Juicy Hag.

finger suck.jpg

   PLEASURE GARDEN is an upcoming gay slimy delicacy directed by Maren Moreno and starring Sophie Gross and Echo Chambers. A deep wet kiss in every orifice. A finger sucking fantasy. The smack of leather and latex on your cum drenched face. Follow @smallcherrylimeade on instagram for updates on when and where you can see PLEASURE GARDEN in all her dreadful glory. You may watch the teaser at

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