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River Angel Escobar

IG: ritualconcepts

Star Sign : Aquarius 

Listening To : AIA : Alien Observer by Grouper 

Residing at


"I'm a lifelong mixed media artist with a conceptual focus on the spiritual world , the natural world , the esoteric , rebirth , transformation , magic in all it's forms and the joys of the human soul . I most often turn to abstract imagery as I feel it better encapsulates the bigger feelings and ideas I tend to deal with ."


The Silent Series #2/12 , 2021


#4/12 , 2021


# 5/12 , 2021

"This series of color burst abstract watercolor paintings came about when I tried to eliminate any media distractions while I painted. As someone that utilizes music as a tool when making art, this was a complete departure from my usual art making process. I wanted to explore the effects of complete silence on my process and found myself falling into a quiet trance and producing these day-glo shapes and washes of color. The buzz of white noise that surrounds my brain fell away and left behind pure feeling and the richest colors. I still painted the heavens , the spiritual world, the sea and my dreams but they were brighter and richer without the noise. Watercolors capture the fluidity of different worlds and elements."

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