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Crisis Actor


Instagram: @crisisactor911

Photo by: David Fearn

“Crisis Actor is sharp with their tongues as with their instruments — Brash energy explodes from every facet of this song. [...] “Feed Me Drugs” is a burning banger that encroaches on its subjectwith a careless satirical angst of a hook.”

--- Be In a Band Or Die

Crisis Actor Logo.jpg

Crisis Actor are three musicians who simply ask, is there such a state as too paranoid? Whether a psy-op, a social commentary, or three musicians just mad enough to dive into a genre that has been reportedly dead for nearly half a century is anyone’s guess. On guitar is Tony Knox, host of the Radio program No More Heroes on KXLU; on bass is Zach Crawford, who’s been heard deejaying at various shows in the Los Angeles punk scene under the name Paul Cinnamon; and on drums is Jonathan Ihejeto, a hip-hop artist known as Jet 2. Subjects they cover may be exactly what you think they are: Apocalypse, drugs, law enforcement, or perhaps that’s just what we’re supposed to hear. Perhaps this is the manufacture of an incident designed specifically with the intent of getting under your skin just enough to send your primal senses into a state of shock where you can no longer claim to be under your own mind’s control.

After spending a short period in isolation writing, the band began with a series of shows throughout 2019. They played many indie clubs and bars around Los Angeles ranging from the Smell to the Redwood bar. Their sound has been described as part Dead Kennedys and part Gang of Four, thrown in a blender at high volume and high speed. Adorned with sardonic yet playfully honest lyrics, the result is a mixture that is as explosive as it is moving. Now, at the beginning of 2022, Crisis Actor are out playing live, dropping False Flag digitally, and finally releasing the debut LP in spring through Devour Records.

On February 4th, 2022, False Flag premiered online, with the cover art drawing inspiration from early 20th century propaganda artwork. Each track reflects a unique vision of what Crisis Actor has to offer. Whether it’s the breakneck frenzy and paranoid visions of “Doomsday” and “The March;” the anthemic punk sing-alongs that are “Another Dollar,” “Tell Yourself,” and “Feed Me Drugs;” or the post-punk laments of disintegrating relationships in “Heartbreak for Heroes” and “No More,” each of the ten tracks is an aural gem to be experienced by the listener. With the physical release to be announced later in the year, False Flag will be available on all streaming platforms this February with lyrics to previously released tracks included as well.

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