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Bradley Hudson

outside 1.jpg

“I'm a visual artist originating from outside Belfast, Northern Ireland but Currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. My practice consists mainly of a mix of collage and analog photography. Collecting books, local advertisements, magazines and old family photos I cut and paste together, usually not going into it with a plan and just experimenting. I find my ideas flow better when the paper is in my hand and just try to make something of what is infront of me. 

For this Current series, with the working title "Staring into the void" I feel as though these are quite contemplative works reflecting on recent life choices made by myself (Game Over) and also looking back on the past, for example the piece Titled ‘Here Cries Gurny Gub’ which features a photograph of myself as a toddler crying, I came across the photo by accident in my Flat and it reminded me of jokingly being nicknamed Gurny Gub (which is a northern irish phrase) by my grandparents or any elders when having a tantrum as a toddler.”

god isnt dead 1.jpg
Here Cries Gurny Gub.jpg
game over 1 copy.jpg
beautiful oblivion.jpg
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