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Purple Sun

Instagram: @purplesunband

"Hi the Fit of Sleep ! 

We’re Purple Sun, a Rock/Hard Rock band from Paris, France.


We’re psyched to be featured on this 10th issue of The Fit Of Sleep ! We were featured in the 6th issue. Since then a lot has changed for us ! 


Antoine-Roch Albaladejo the guitarist and singer was joined by Baptiste Bodinier on bass last year. Since the beginning of ’22, we toured in Paris, alongside our last drummer, with a festival in Lille (northern France) and a college gala in Rennes (Brittany).


Today we present to you our last album ‘Live Session’ released last summer! It was recorded in the basement of a friend's bar in Paris, the Puzzle Bar.

We’re attached to the live sound, for us, it’s the only true way to capture the essence of a band. 


For this live session we chose 4 of our tracks, the ones which represent us the most - but if you catch us live you’ll hear way more songs from us !- 

"Even If Sometimes" is the first track ever written by Roch and we both love to start our shows with it for the opening riff 'cause it’s a good attention grabber. 

The second track, "The Seer", is a tribal trance talking about manipulation. 

Then you have "White Dress", that is a whole journey in itself and talks about life and death.

Last but not least: "Goddess" is the last one to date and was jammed out by both of us. It has this heavy Hendrix vibe and it’s dedicated to all the men out there trying to find a girl. 


You can stream our album on every platform by following this link : 

Feel free to share with your friends if you like it ! 


Yours truly, Purple Sun"

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