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Hurt Hawks

Instagram: @hurthawks

Hurt Hawks hails from sunny Arcadia, a lonely suburb of Los Angeles which is home to Santa Anita Park Race Track, a regular haunt of American Poet and Novelist, Charles Bukowski. Across from the Santa Anita Park was the recently demolished Santa Anita Inn, which is where Hunter S. Thompson, under the influence of multiple substances, is rumored to have written the majority of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The city of Arcadia is also immortalized by Jack Kerouac in his seminal novel On The Road, where the beat poet laments about protagonist Sal Paradise, and his Mexican girlfriend Terry, encountering racist teenagers. 


Hurt Hawks consists of producer/composer Jake Bowman, transgressive fiction writer/song and dance man Joel Zimmerman, and occasionally, songbird Erica “Bunny” Zimmerman. Hurt Hawks follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned literary giants with their own brand of dirty realism, wryly labeled Americana Drunkwave, which is a form of jittery electronic post-punk, sung to the tune of an alcoholic life in a Los Angeles suburb.


Hurt Hawks has been referred to as a punk rock Leonard Cohen, or a dark wave Tom Waits, and is revered for their colorful live performances.

"I tell you in all confidence that no man in the long history of hard drinking has ever been filled up with so much piss in his life. I swear to you, I was filled to the brim. I have always been full of shit – that much is true – and, at one time, I may have been full of piss and vinegar, but this much literal piss? I doubt it. It must have been some kind of record.


"Get Guinness on the phone," I said aloud, swaying drunkenly back and forth.


"We don't got that," The bartender replied at the other end of the bar, trying to keep her distance from me. “Something else, hun?"


"No, I meant, err… never mind. Where’s your restroom?”


-Piss On Rye, J. Zimmerman aka Hurt Hawks 

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Photo by, Rich Hayden

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