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Josie Serrano

IG: @josie.gif

"My name is Josie Serrano and I’m a visual artist and filmmaker based in Long Beach, California. My work explores ideas of transformation and queer revolution, utilizing elements of camp and early digital design. I like my art to showcase the distinct style and zaniness of the past while bringing it into an idealistic future.

I was fascinated with print advertisements as a kid. A huge portion of my childhood was spent ripping apart video game magazines and making collages out of whatever made me laugh. I love how a rich image can capture your gaze on a surface level while evoking a compelling feeling, whether it be poignant or something completely silly. Through the art I create today, I seek the intersection between both.

The TRANS IS GOD series started as a way to imagine what a queer publication from the mid-1990’s would look like if it had the same creative budget of the era’s mainstream equivalent. The commercialism of the ‘90s and early 2000’s were so goofy, edgy, and ridiculously over-processed; I think there’s a strange beauty within the genre that could be better appreciated through a critically queer lens."

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