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Mathias Martinez

Instagram: @mathias__martinez

 Mathias Martinez, born in 1993, spent his childhood in the suburb of Paris drawing a lot of shojo manga characters lookalike and watching the Looney Tunes on tv.


 Mathias studied illustration at the HEAR Strasbourg in France and graduated in 2019. You can see his work in magazines; french, spanish and american fanzines, on some music labels, and in fashion especially for the house Jean Paul Gaultier.

He's currently working on his first graphic novel Called Clocki that will be published in October 2022.


 Mathias is addicted to everything related to old fashioned cartoons, eerie imagery, dream lands. His discovery of the comic strips by Calvo, Simon Hanselmann, and Windsor McCay made his case even worse.

His illustrations are phantasmagorias, little horror stories that mix the curly aesthetic of Betty Boop, the dreamlike atmospheres of Little Nemo, and the homoerotism of Paul Cadmus.

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