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Scott Free x
The Contaminator Crew

Instagram: @thecontaminator; @ogscottfree

The Contaminator Crew is a multi-media art squad of 5 female-identifying ethereal beings operated under the same vessel Jes Ludwick.  Jes was born in Toledo, OH (1988) and started drawing at age 14 after being inspired by the anime on Adult Swim. Since then, she has remained mostly self-taught with mentors such as Jennifer Giovannucci whose lessons on human anatomy were the gateway to Jes’s haunting expressionist style. The Contaminator Crew’s quirky process-based work is often created LIVE at events which led to commissioned work with companies such Holey Toledough (2017) Living Prism Entertainment (2019), Artbar LA (2020), and L.A. Short Film Fest (2021). When The Contaminator isn’t diving deep into creative commissions and art deadlines, her community-based passion projects strike if not harder on a soul level. Kicking off 2020, The Contaminator’s immersive installation and performative project “Into The Chaos Gate” teamed up with New American Band at Stay Gallery selling a record-breaking number of tickets in the small gallery granting a headline in the Downey Patriot newspaper.  Her 28 x 7-foot oil-stick BLM mural “Gods of the New World”, found a home in 2021 at the Fernando Pullum Community Art Center in Leimert Park. In 2021, The Contaminator experimented with her performative piece “They love me NOT!”, inside her installation “Thiandra’s Garden” which she wrote, curated, installed, directed, and choreographed for the Nomad art Fair with the Torrance Art Museum. Other highlights include The Sex Group Show at Ewkuks Gallery and a guerrilla performance with crew member Cotton Candy at the LA Art Show gracing the red carpet alongside the mayor of LA and Rita Ora. She ended the year as a featured artist (in residency) at The Hive gallery with her multimedia installation "Fertile Grounds" In 2022, her performance art captured an international eye when she was awarded a scholarship with NIPAI for a performative workshop she completed with the Ostrenko brothers in Berlin. After a year of training and reorganizing The Contaminator Crew she debuted the root of her squad with ( a performance project 8 years in the making. Entering 2023, she will be featured in Artwalk Magazine Issue 3, has been awarded a full performative scholarship for a workshop in Austria, and is anticipating the reveal of multiple quality collaborative projects months in the making.

The Contaminator Presents: The Thorns of a Rose


I hear things as feelings, and an overwhelming sense of inspiration captures my vessel as the energy manifests the needed physical objects to me. I pair them automatically, calling in the energy through my crown chakra,my body moving in a trance transforming into the given Goddess selected by the multiverse.


Many believe shapeshifters only transform during the full moon into furry beasts with the objective of releasing pure rage.


Pure rage does exist but in the form of a consistently tiring feminist voice. The voice re-awakens inside me over and over again. With each channel, the goddesses say: "Still?"


Whatever form she takes whether she's battered, rising, or fighting, the toxic masculine that feeds on the compassion and love of the world finds her with false ownership.


She sees the world through eyes and says




I let her bleed her heart, smile, cry, snar, prance, stomp and giggle. I bare her fangs, and lick her wounds reminding others that :


Yin Energy is just as beautiful as a rose as is the thorns on its stem.


To fully appreciate a Goddess is to worship her thorns.


A Goddess is not just curves, delicacy, and grace. Her power that is feared by many is her right to choose and refuse. 


Smell the flower when granted, step back, and respect her thorns when bared.

And please remember:


The beauty of her petals was made for her to do with as she pleases.


They were not made for you no matter how beautiful or tempting they seem.


When I shapeshift embodying the Goddess, I embrace the petals and the thorns.


When the light and darkness of a woman are accepted, then will the truly understand her worth. And oh, what a world that will be.


You have been contaminated


2020.08.14 Enough is Enough Enough is Enough” 2020 About 6 x 4 Feet $800.jpg

The Contaminator Crew: Cotton Candy (and The Contaminator) 

"Enough is Enough"


About 6 x 4 Feet
Professional Oil Pastel and Oil Stick
Canson Drawing Paper XL

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