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Black art is powerful.

Black lives matter.

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Aeon, LA based poet dancer loquationist lover trans non-binary galactic being is happy to share with you. They emply/enjoy they/them pronouns and have published some lesser known works in archaic chapbooks of local repute. Hailing from the sign of Pisces, they are a strong dreamer and loves all thing having to do with birds or cats or a combinaiton thereof. Loves: ramen dislikes: phonies & energy vampires is horny is black is queer as fuck and dangerously intelligent


What is it like being a black artist?

Being black: is confusing and challenging, especially as someone who has always felt more 'universal' and has had turbulence over the years identifying with a culture that seemed antithetical to my natural (and secret existence) as a queer person.

Where are you from?

Born and raised on earth this time around in st. Louis, mo. though I consider at the moment LA my home base.

What is your message as an artist?

My message is, think lol. I almost said 'love' but I kinda feel like that's a given at this point. I think it's a good time for many people to start thinking critically about what it means to exist in a fascist state where the status quo is oppression and hate.

What are your inspirations?

Jean-Michel Basquiat Morrissey James Baldwin Greg Araki Maya Angelou Tupac The Buddha Celeste X

Patti Smith 

Robert mapplethorpe