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Hex Pixie


"Hex Pixie started off with a way for "me" to express myself under the safe shield of anonymity. The masks take away the anxiety of putting yourself out there, you put them on, and you can be anyone, anything, and nothing. 


I started making and wearing the masks in 2019, and now I consider Hex Pixie a project about the identity and collision of identities and realities. About the freedom of not having to conform to only one identity and to create and live out many characters and experience their surreal, sometimes dark, sometimes whimsical habitats.


Hex Pixie combines crafting, collage art, photography, and some elements of fashion and maybe, to some extent performance art, to create an odd anonymous creature trying to manifest into reality with an unknown purpose. 


I'm still not certain actualy whether it is a project about creating an identity or about destroying one... but it probably doesn't matter because the two go hand in hand anyway. With that in mind, Hex Pixie is also sometimes a representation of duality, the shadow side, and like a real fairy from folklore, Pixie is at times maybe even malicious..."

anonymity = safety.jpg
delirious desire.jpg
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