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Sara Elizabeth

Instagram: @Cyber_bunni, @Dark_Matter_66

Sara Elizabeth is a writer, short filmmaker, zine creator, and meditation instructor. She spent the past few years in San Antonio, TX, South Florida, and Savannah, GA. She currently lives in Richmond, Virginia with her partner. Her zine can be found at @Dark_Matter_66 and her main account on instagram is @Cyber_Bunni.

Cattle Car, Slaughter House


I have become attached to 

my second skin,

the soft barrier between my heart and 

the world, over-ripe and


I have grown fond of 

this sack of ugliness, 

the cushion against meaning,

the reason I tell myself 

I’m not happy,

the excuse for why 

I’m not living better.

A pair of eyes on me always,

of my own deception,

the seer of sickness,

the cruel visionary that keeps me ill with 

new symptoms.

I fill myself with grease 

and guilt 

and self-pity.

I slow dance with demons.

I turn away from the divine.

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