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The Groans

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Don’t let the glitter in their faces distract you from the fires in their eyes! Groans formed in 2015 when they noticed a lack of representation in their local scene. They write songs about police brutality, self love, & why dogs don’t deserve to have nightmares. In 2019 Groans released Earth Dweller through Get Better Records. The local queer-punk trio have a lot to be mad about, making their raw, feral style of punk feel relevant and timely. Annie rails about white-supremacist cops on “Blue (Lives Don’t Matter),” defends herself from trolls on “Internet Entitlement,” and criticizes school systems that favors “rich suburban kids” over poor students on “Rigged,” as guitarist Dewie and drummer Nadine hammer out a passionately aggressive punk attack. Even amid all their fury, The Groans show an endearing and yearning pop side on such reflective tunes as “Missing the Trees, Friends & Everything in Between.” Find them @thegroans.


Annie (she/they) ~ Vox/Bass 

Dewie (they/them) ~ Guitar

Nadine (she/her) ~ Drums/Vox

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