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Bärlin © Florent Bibaut (1).jpg

Photo by Florent Bibaut

Fragments of sounds, heartbeats. Valleys and golden poppy fields. Love stories and scattered dust of dreams blowing in the wind. BÄRLIN is a low-rock trio with jazz sounds, carried by a possessed voice. A few clarinet notes that tear through the night, enveloping bass layers, a throbbing rhythmic give birth to a fantasized universe, between highness and decadence. In a wild stroll, Bärlin’s intoxicating compositions touch on the abyss and the sacred. Delicious sighs, fits of rage and sparkling tumults draw the outlines of a musical and sensory feast, incantatory and vibrant. A pagan ritual from another time, as if escaped from another world.

BÄRLIN cover The Dust of Our Dreams.jpg
Bärlin © Florent Bibaut (2).jpg

Photo by Florent Bibaut

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